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How Are Your Negative Beliefs Holding You Back?



Ever noticed how you're more likely to get sick when you are stressed and under pressure? Don't worry, you're not alone! 

The Ironic thing about this blog is that I was stressed when I started writing it. Stress is a normal thing in our day to day lives, but the thing is that stress isn’t great long term and frankly I want to reduce the amount of stress I feel on the daily. If you want to make a change, keep reading!

It is time that we stop romanticising stress. It is time to put an end to thinking that success can only come if you have stretched yourself thin, if you are busy all the time, if all you do is work!

Stress releases adrenaline within our body. This was great back in our cavemen days when we had to run away from danger, hunt for food, win the fight etc. But our bodies were made to only experience stress for survival reasons. Our bodies weren't created to deal with these fast paced, stressful lives that most of us now live. To create the energy of adrenaline, our body has to take the energy away from other parts of our body, which happens to be our immune system. This simply means, stress shuts down our immune system. As I said before, this is fine if you're running for your life, but for long periods of time, it just makes us sick.

The Medical Medium believes that eating under stress can cause your hydrochloric acid levels to lower within the stomach. Causing a whole lot of stomach upset, you can read his blog on Understanding Gut Health here -

One thing that is important for us to understand is the fact the we only stress over what our brain gives meaning to. Our brain is essentially a meaning maker machine. For example, I may stress about something that you wouldn't even think twice about, because I have allowed my brain to tell me what is important. A lot of the time our brain has subconsciously given meaning to something and we are none the wiser. I want you to be able to understand how stress is affecting your body and be able to pin point what subconscious beliefs and thoughts that you may be having that could be contributing to unnecessary stress.

During the time between when we are born to when we are around 7 years old is the time that a lot of our subconscious beliefs are created. While we are in this age bracket we are also very egotistical as we are still developing. This may hypothetically mean that when your parents didn’t have time to listen to your childish stories, that you may have then created a belief that you didn’t have anything important to say. When in reality your parents probably didn’t have time because they were working full time, looking after the other children, or simply trying to fit all of the daily chores in. Or it could simply be watching your parents struggle with something in their lives and subconsciously believing that it is your fault, such as with money etc.
It is important that we don’t place the blame onto our parents for our limiting beliefs. It is not their fault, nor is it anyone else’s. Everyone was just trying to do the best that they could at the time with the knowledge that they had. It also isn’t your fault either, you were simply trying to do your very best to understand this world that we live in.

This may all seem a bit overwhelming trying to think back to when you were that age and trying to remember what happened. The good thing is that you don’t need to do any of this. You can recognize your subconscious beliefs by taking time to look at the storyline of your life.

Have a think about what comes naturally to you, what do you have an abundance of? Maybe you have a lot of money, this means that your subconscious beliefs are that you are good with money etc. Whereas if you find that you are constantly struggling with money, maybe your underlying belief is “you don’t have much money”, or “you’re not very good with money”. Because of these limiting beliefs that you may not even know that you have, you may never be able to reach your full potential money wise. Get my drift?

Take a moment to look at the storyline of your life? What are the areas that you are struggling with? Are you supporting yourself with positive beliefs or are you being held back by negative beliefs?

Sorry, but to begin healing and to continue to grow, it is going to get a little bit confronting. Don’t worry, that is a good sign. That means you are making progress.



Once you have identified these limiting beliefs you can do a few exercises to help flip them to a positive. Please remember that it all takes time and practice. Nothing is going to be a quick fix that will immediately change your life completely. So, stick with me and remember these practices and come back to them in times of need. I will share with you one of my favorites and what I find the most effective way of dealing with a negative belief.

Take your limiting beliefs that you have identified – one at a time – and sit with it for a moment. Most limiting beliefs are fear based, so they usually begin with “What if”. For example, “what if, I don’t make enough money to be considered successful” or something along those lines. I will share with you my limiting belief that I used the first time around and how this exercise works for me.
A limiting belief that I had held for a long time, and it always affected my life especially after I left school and moved away, was “what if, nobody likes me”. I have ALWAYS had a fear of nobody liking me for me and that has caused me to never fully express myself, and not be picky with those I choose to have around me – If they liked me than I would have jumped at the chance of being friends even if they didn’t fit with what I believed in or stood for. I never knew that this was a belief that I had, I just thought I was super unlucky in the friend making world – whenever good friends came along, my beliefs didn’t support that they would like me, and eventually I would end up pushing them away.
It took me a lot of time to realise that this was a belief pattern that I had subconsciously created, I have no idea where it came from, but the important thing is that I know that it is there. This is something that still occasionally comes up for me but when it does, I like to take the following steps. I like to sit with this thought and investigate it – okay, so what if nobody does like me? Is it really so important that I lose myself trying to get people to like me? – once I finish looking into it and realise that it really doesn’t matter, and that I would rather be the real me than have an abundance of friends that I can’t relate to. I then flip it and say “okay, but what if I end up changing someone’s world by being the real me?”. I also like to take a moment to sit with the thought of the positive belief. I take a moment to feel the difference that the two beliefs have over me. Every time the thought of the positive belief makes me feel instantly free, happy, refreshed and inspired. That is what I would rather feel.

Remember that this will need to be a repeated practice that you can use whenever you begin to feel those limiting beliefs taking a negative hold on your life.

The beliefs that we have, alter the chemistry that our brain creates to be sent into our blood stream. It is all to do with the placebo and nocebo effect. There have been numerous studies of people losing their hair during what they thought was chemo treatment, when in fact they were having nothing done to them at all. It was the belief that they should lose their hair during chemo and so they did. Or studies where people with depression believed they were taking anti-depression medication (really only a sugar pill) and being able to raise their dopamine levels and feel happier overall.

You can articles about the chemotherapy studies below:

Just how placebo works with positive affects that have been proven to help cure illness, there is also the nocebo effect that has negative effects on the body. Essentially meaning that negative beliefs create negative chemistry in our blood which can then cause negative effect in our body.


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