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Why I Decided To Introduce doTERRA Essential Oils Into My Life

There were many factors that led me towards my essential oils journey. Firstly I had been suffering from severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcoholism, and eventually got to the point where I even tried to take my own life. The moment I entered the hospital after trying to end it all, I knew that I had to change the way I was living my life, I did not want this to be my life anymore. This realisation led me to healthy eating, low tox living, sustainable living, and a huge interest in holistic wellness.

This grew into a huge passion of mine which is how Naturally Namoi came about. I lived in a rural area and wanted others to know that they were not alone, and I wanted to help people as much as I could. I had dabbled with essential oils in the past, but I really had no idea what I was doing with them. I honestly believed that each oil only had it's one purpose and that was all you could use it for. I quickly grew confused and bored of the oils. That was until I was introduced to the oils by an extremely passionate couple that revolved their life around the oils. They showed me that oils had multiple uses and how to incorporate them into my everyday life to ensure that I was living my healthiest and happiest life.

Before we get any further into the oils, I want to share with you why Low Tox living is so important to me!

Did you know that our skin is our largest organ?! This means that what we put on our skin, also gets absorbed into our bodies, not cool when you think about all the chemicals in some of those products you may use. The way I like to look at it, is that if I wouldn't drink my perfume, deodorant etc, then why the hell am I putting it on my skin to absorbed into my body anyways?! At least when we drink or eat something it goes to our liver and our liver helps to detoxify the products we ingest, but when it goes on our skin, our liver can't detoxify the product and the product does straight to the blood stream. This can cause inflammation within the body as the body treats the synthetic products as a foreign object and begins to attack it. I think it is time that we take back the responsibility for our own health and wellness. This means that we know what we are putting into our bodies, and only giving ourselves clean & toxin free products.

Essential oils are naturally derived aromatic compounds extracted and distilled from plants, for our health benefits. They are used to support us physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

doTERRA literally means "gifts from the Earth". The doTERRA oils are free from fillers, pesticides, toxins, and completely free from any adulteration. They are the most tested essential oil company in the world, and they even publicly release the result from their third party testing for each bottle - you can find this info here -

What mainly got me to choose this company above all other essential oil companies is that they use co-impact sourcing. This is something that I am very passionate about and it brings me so much joy knowing that I am part of a company that is changing lives! doTERRA help over 40 countries world wide, with two thirds of these classed as developing countries. They source where a plant grows naturally, most abundantly, and grows to it's best potential. Co-impact sourcing is an initiative that was created to ensure that farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically. This initiative ensures that these workers have sustainable jobs with a reliable income. Along with this they also have the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundations which support projects such as building schools, supplying clean water to a village, medical centers and so much more. You can learn more about doTERRA's impact by watching this amazing video -

Now lets get onto how the essential oils work to assist with our overall health and wellness. As I mentioned before, what we apply to the skin gets absorbed into the blood stream, which then allows the oils to go to where they are needed in the body. This is know as topically applying the oils. You can also ingest the oils, or you can use them aromatically, this can mean diffusing them, or even just smelling them from the bottle. 


If you wish to find out more about the oils, how you can use them in your everyday life for any situation, or how you can get 25% off every single essential oil bottle that you purchase then head over to, or alternatively you can send me an email!


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