About Us

Supporting you on your unique journey to a healthy mind, body and soul.
This is the mission of Allison Bell, a holistic Nutritional Health Coach, creator of Free Yourself Workshops, and survivor of alcoholism and depression. Ally combines her passion, experience, and knowledge to create a healing sanctuary for many in rural NSW. Naturally Namoi was founded through the will to empower individuals on their unique journey to self discovery and healing. Ally has a range of methods to help people know how to reach their full potential. She believes that this can be achieved through eating a healthy diet, and holistic practices. Ally is also extremely passionate about sustainability and looking after this wonderful planet that we get to call home!
In 2018 Naturally Namoi was created after Ally herself, had found herself at rock bottom. After years of alcoholism, violent relationships, depression, anxiety, OCD, Ally decided that something had to change. It had come to her awareness that mental illness is something that a lot of people don’t feel comfortable discussing, and many suffering are ashamed of their journey. It has become Ally’s mission to spread the word about mental illness with a holistic approach. She wants the world to know that mental illness is not a dirty word.

Mental illness has become more common than cancer, diabetes and even heart disease. We need to stop pushing it under the rug and we need to help people learn ways that suit them as an individual to over come this dis-ease.

More than 12 months later and we are in a shop with our health foods and sustainable products. We have a gorgeous group of like-minded souls in our little community. We are offering AromaTouch Technique massages, health coaching, and have monthly group wellness evenings for the Narrabri Community. We have recently been looking at creating wellness events in surrounding towns which is something we are very excited to bring to you all. We are very happy to spread the word of health and wellness and love travelling to new places.

Join the wellness movement to a healthier and happier life for you and the ones you love most!