Why A Health Consult?

Hi gorgeous,

If you are like most people, I imagine there are specific goals you have for your health and your life. Perhaps you want more energy and are tired of always being tired. Maybe you have those nagging sweet cravings that you can’t seem to get under control. Or, perhaps it’s time to finally figure out how to look and feel great in your own body. Does any of this sound familiar?

As a Health Coach, I support my clients to make step-by-step changes to their food and lifestyle, so that they permanently reach their goals. I support them to do so in a way that’s enjoyable and easily integrated into their lives.

If you are ready to make some real changes in your life and learn how to reach YOUR goals, I have a special invitation for you. I’d like to invite you to a free initial health consultation, where you’ll have the opportunity for undivided attention from someone who wants to support you to look and feel better!

This 45-minute confidential session, available in-person or by phone, allows you to:

  • Identify your health goals and what you’ve always imagined for your life.
  • Figure out what you truly want to accomplish long-term for yourself and maybe even your family.
  • Understand how you may be getting in your own way of reaching these goals.
  • Learn how to have my support to permanently reach your goals by participating in my health coaching program.

This session could very well be a turning point in your life. So, are you ready to make your goals a reality?

Your next step is to schedule your session. Please contact me at or 0438 860 280 to reserve a spot in my schedule for the consultation.

Remember, this session is for you only if you are serious about making some lasting and positive changes in your life. I’d be honored to help you accomplish this.

Please let me know when you are available to focus on yourself and your goals. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Ally xx

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Why Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils have a powerful effect on well being. These effects are specific and unique to each oil that nature has provided. When we understand these healing properties and how our bodies naturally respond to them, we can use essential oils to create a superior state of being. The AromaTouch Technique provides a way to use these gifts to maximise emotional and physical healing.

How Does AromaTouch Work?

This technique is an interaction between nature's chemistry and neurology. It supports the body to move forward to a healing state. Health is created as the body achieves and maintains balance. This balance can be interrupted by heightened stress, environmental toxins, or traumas. AromaTouch promotes balance so healing can continue and is an integral part of preventative care, even for healthy people.

Whether it is a hand shake or a hug, all physical touch holds different meanings. Even when sharing essential oils, there is a difference between rubbing the oils on someone’s forearm and taking the time to really affect their overall well-being through the AromaTouch Technique.

Physical touch is as important to the AromaTouch Technique as the aroma because of its amazing healing benefits.

While the main purpose of the technique is to apply the oils and provide the recipient with an essential oil experience, the AromaTouch Technique is also about connecting with another person on an emotional level. The connections developed through this technique form feelings of trust and help the recipient relax.

If you want to find out how this can help transform your health and well being, you can book an appointment by calling 0438860280, or you can book online here!

What Is A Chakra?

Chakras are points in the body where energy flows, and are specialised energy centers in along the spine. They are tied to physical & emotional problems in the body and analysing what is happening with your chakras is a powerful way to tune into your yourself. 

How Do Crystals Heal?

"No one can yet say categorically how crystals work, although there have been many suggestions based on vibrational resonance and the water and crystalline content of the human body.Michael Gienger postulates that the power of a crystal to generate light interacts with the cells of the physical body. What is clear is that crystals have an energy field that interacts with any other energy field near it.  At the simplest level, many crystals contain traces of therapeutic minerals that pass across the skin barrier to bring about physiological changes."


How Does Energy Healing Work?

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies, you chakras included. Dis-ease and imbalances of the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual bodies can stem from under or over active chakras. To help raise these vibrations we can use holistic tools such as crystals, reiki, and essential oils. Raising our vibration frequency aids in restoring health to the body, and clarity to the mind.

What Is Involved With Crystal Healing Offered By Naturally Namoi?

When you book a session with us, we will email through a link to a questionnaire that you can fill out, by answering the questions in this questionnaire truthfully we will be able to determine the best treatment for you and your chakras at that point in time. Once in your appointment there will be gentle music, work with crystals by placing them on certain points of your body, use of essential oils,and if wanted a guided meditation whilst the crystal are working on balancing and aligning your chakras. 

How To Book A Crystal Healing Session?

A Healing goes for roughly 45 minutes, but allow an hour for your appointment. The session costs are $45 for the hour and you can book by sending us an email, giving us a call (0438860280), coming and seeing us in store or you can simply book online Here!